The conform capturer ingests existing Sequences into Cinegy Archive, your media asset management system, and creates a new Roll. Select the "Conform Capturer" from the input device list.


Press the "Setup" button next to the hardware device; the following dialog box appears:


Select the quality, which should be the source for the ingest. If, for example, you select "High", this essence will be used for ingesting your Sequence into a new Roll.

If "Auto-degradation" is checked, it will switch to the next available quality. For example, if "High" is selected, but not available, then the conform capturer switches automatically to "Medium". If "Auto-degradation" is not checked, you will see "Media Offline" instead of the high quality clip.

Select the "Downmix audio channels" option to downmix all audio tracks in the Sequence into a single audio channel.

Press the "Eject" button to launch the dialog for selecting a source Sequence:


Select the desired Sequence and press "OK" to apply the settings or "Cancel" to leave the dialog box without any changes.

Having configured the conform capturer, press the "REC" button to start capturing.