Select "DeckLink SDI" from the input device list.


Press the "Setup" button next to the hardware device; the following dialog box appears:


Here you can configure the following settings:

  • Video format – defines the target video format by selecting it from the drop-down list.

  • Select COM port – defines the COM port on your PC with a hardware device connected to capture from this device.

  • Live ingest – allows you to capture from live feeds connected to the Blackmagic DeckLink SDI board.

    The live ingest mode disables the COM port and timecode source options.
  • TC source – defines the timecode source (VITC, HANC or RS-422) used for ingest.

    When using the RS-422 timecode source, define the timecode shift in frames in the "RS-422 TC shift" field.
  • Audio channels – defines the audio channel(s) to be ingested by selecting the corresponding checkbox(es).

  • Stop the ingest with dropped frames – when activated, the capture process will be stopped if dropped frames occur in order to avoid useless material capturing.