DVD capturer allows you to ingest from DVDs (Digital Versatile Disc). This applies only to non copy-protected DVDs, as Cinegy Ingest will not impinge upon the laws and rights of the content owner.

Select "DVD Capturer" from the input device list.


The "Setup" button opens the "Select a DVD Title to Ingest…​" dialog.

If applied, the DVD capturer awaits the DVD. Insert the DVD and the "Roll info" dialog appears to be given new Roll number.


You can also press the "Eject" button to load the content of the DVD stored on the hard drive.


If you wish, you can also define the starting point by entering the timecode. To do this, use the numeric pad and then hit the Enter key from the numeric pad to accept your timecode settings. Select the title and, if available, the angle. Under "Audio" you can select or deselect the sound tracks.

AC3 and DTS decoders are not included in Cinegy Desktop. Please install an AC3 filter on your system and/or software like Intervideo WinDVD. It is highly recommended not to install any other MPEG-2/DVD related software to avoid codec problems.