The plug-in allows you to ingest video and audio content in the Panasonic P2 format from physical or virtual P2 cards. First choose the P2 capturer from the input device list in the main plug-in setup.


Press the "Setup" button next to the hardware device; the following dialog box appears:


Here you can specify the following parameters:

More detailed explanations of these parameters are given below.


P2 capturer supports two types of P2 sources:

  • P2 drives – the list of your system drives is displayed. Select the "show only existing" option to show only the drives available on your computer at that time.

  • Virtual P2 cards – here you need to compose the list of virtual P2 cards. A virtual P2 card is a folder on the hard disk were content from any real P2 drive is stored.


Press this button to add a virtual P2 card to the list. The "Browse for Folder" dialog box appears:


Navigate to the local or network folder where the P2 card content is stored. Select the path you wish to add and press "OK". The selected path will be added to the list.

If you are trying to add a path that already exists in the virtual P2 cards list, the following error message appears:



Press the "Remove" button to remove the selected P2 card from the list.

Select the P2 sources you want to load. If the source is not checked, its content will not be used.


Specify the autoselection mode for the P2 capturer:


This mode provides manual clip(s) selection. Set the autoselection to "None" and press "OK". The dialog box with the clips list from the specified P2 source(s) appears:


The clips list is shown as a five column table:

  • Clip – shows the clip preview.

  • Info – displays the clip name; video and audio encoding parameters.

  • Duration – shows the clip duration in hours:minutes:seconds:frames.

  • StartTC – displays the clip start timecode.

  • Source – shows the source path.

Click a column header to re-sort the clips according to your needs.

Damaged or unsupported clips are shown against a pink background and cannot be selected.

While the P2 ingest dialog is displayed, the modification of P2 sources causes immediate update of the clips in the list.


Press the "Refresh" button to force the list to refresh. If any of the tracked sources are changed, the clips list will be updated immediately.

Press "OK" to load the selected clip(s) into the ingestor or "Cancel" to exit the dialog.

If the selected clips are in various TV formats, the following error message appears:

When a P2 source has changed and the autoselection mode "None" is active, the P2 ingest dialog box with the updated clips list appears.

Same as the First Clip

The option provides automatic selection and loading of clips from the specified P2 sources in the same TV format as the first supported clip in the clips list.

To redefine the list of clips for ingest, press "Eject". The dialog box containing the list of all the P2 clips from specified sources appears. One or more clips may be selected from this list for the next ingest session.

All selected clips must be in the same TV format.
When any P2 source is changed in this autoselection mode, the clips in the same TV format as the first supported clip will be loaded automatically.


This option provides automatic selection and loading of clips in the fixed TV format from the specified P2 sources list.

Select the TV format from the drop-down list:


Press "OK" to load the clips into the ingestor or "Cancel" to exit the setup dialog.

When any P2 source is changed in this autoselection mode, the clips in the chosen TV format are loaded automatically.

Sequential Ingest

Select the "Sequential ingest" checkbox to activate the sequential P2 ingest.

Only the "Same as the first clip" and "Fixed" autoselection modes are available in the sequential mode.

The sequential ingest mode allows you to continuously ingest all content from the P2 sources. After all clips are recorded in the current ingest session, the sequential ingest dialog appears:


The sequential ingest dialog box displays the list as the three columns:

  • P2 cards – a list of all tracked paths. Select the checkbox on the right of the path to include the content of the P2 card into the next ingest session.

  • Valid/Total – the number of clips in valid TV format / the total number of clips on the card.

  • Status – the overview of all possible status options are as follows:

    • Empty – no clips have been found on the corresponding P2 card;

    • Done – all valid clips from this P2 card have already been ingested in the previous session;

    • No valid clips – no clips in the specified TV format have been found on the corresponding P2 card;

    • Ready – new clips in the valid TV format have been found on this card and these have not been ingested in the previous session.

Press "OK" to apply your selection of the P2 card(s) and to continue ingesting.

Browsing is not available in the sequential ingest mode. To enable the manual clip selection, deselect the "Sequential ingest" option in the settings dialog.