The "Export via virtual VT" feature is similar to the "Consolidate via virtual VT". Cinegy Desktop works in slave mode and makes the computer visible as a VT for any external NLE, playout system or VT recorder.

This approach allows you to record directly to any playout system which supports VT via RS-422 interface, saving you time and tapes. The virtual VT feature provides manual playout and can be used to get a live signal to a video mixer in a studio.

Choose the "Export via virtual VT" command from the right-click menu. The following dialog box appears:

The main VT controls are the same as for the "Export to tape" command. Refer to the Export to Tape article to find the description of the playback and recording controls.

Slave Mode

You can connect virtual VT in slave mode to a playout machine controlling VT machines.


The "Slave Mode" button switches Cinegy Desktop to the RS-422 slave mode. In this mode, the program is controlled by an external NLE program or a VT recorder and the external system will recognize the Cinegy Desktop system as a tape deck with a tape loaded and ready for playout.

To leave the mode, depress the "Slave Mode" button.

You can use several virtual VT machines to schedule the playout of the Cinegy Archive footage.

Cinegy Desktop emulates the AMPEX CVR-60 player machine. If your equipment fails to recognize it automatically, select the device manually.



Press the "Leader" button to configure the tape leader settings.

Refer to the Leader paragraph for details about setting up the tape leader configuration.