The DocumenBin supports importing and exporting Cinegy Type templates. This allows to transfer your work from or to the standalone Cinegy Type editor.

This functionality is available in the Cinegy Type editor inside Cinegy Desktop. Open the DocumentBin containing Cinegy Type templates or create a new template. The editor window will open. In the main menu there are "Export" and "Import" submenus:



To export the Cinegy Type template created in Cinegy Desktop select the "XML…​" command from the "Export" submenu:


The common "Save As" dialog will open:


Specify the name for the Cinegy Type document and press the "Save" button to save the template as the *.CinType file.


The Cinegy Type templates prepared in the standalone Cinegy Type editor can be imported into a DocumentBin for further use in Cinegy Desktop Sequences.

For detailed information on working with Cinegy Type templates, refer to the Cinegy Type Manual.

To import the previously created Cinegy Type template select the "XML…​" command from the "Import" submenu:


The common "Open" dialog will be open allowing you to select the template to be imported:


Having selected the desired template the following dialog appears asking you to specify the template name and target DocumentBin:


The selected Cinegy Type template will be imported to the defined DocumentBin and open in the Cinegy Type editor inside Cinegy Desktop.