It is recommended that you limit non-ingest users access to Rolls. This makes it easier to complete the Roll preparation with no risk of damaging somebody else’s work. When a Roll is ready for use, you can publish it via the "Publish a Roll" command from the Roll context menu.

The command creates a new bin in the same folder that contains references to all the master clips in the Roll.

Refer to the Nodes Explorer article in the Cinegy Archive Manager Manual to learn how to limit the user’s access to the Rolls.

Correcting Metadata

You can correct the metadata field content at any time. All the changes will be propagated immediately.

Be very careful when editing metadata on the "Predefined" tab. The fields contain system data and should not be changed unless there is a very serious reason.
Refer to the Table View article in the Cinegy Desktop Manual to learn how to edit the metadata.

Propagating a Value to All Clips

Sometimes you need to enter the same new content into the metadata field for all the clips in the Roll. Do the following:

  1. Correct the value for one of the clips.

  2. Choose the "Propagate a current field" command from the right-click menu of the corresponding metadata field.

This command is not applicable to the fields on the "Predefined" tab.