You can adjust boundaries of the master clips at any time. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to make the adjustments before you let users start working on the material.

Joining Master Clips

To join two master clips, do the following:

  1. Select the two master clips next to each other. Make sure there are yellow triangle connectors between the clips:

  2. Choose the "Join" command from the clip context menu.

Splitting a Master Clip

You can split a master clip at a specified position:

  1. Double-click the desired master clip to launch the clip viewer plug-in.

  2. Put the time slider at the desired position.

  3. Close the clip viewer window.

  4. Choose the "Split at current position" command from the right-click menu. You will be asked to confirm splitting the clip by pressing "OK".

Refer to the Viewing Video Material article to learn more about using the clip viewer plug-in.

Deleting a Master Clip

To delete a master clip follow the steps:

  1. Choose the "Delete" context menu command or hit the Delete key.

  2. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm the action. Press "OK".

  3. You can use the "Undo" command to restore the deleted Roll.

Master clips are not physically deleted but are just marked as deleted. Thus, the operation does not affect the ClipBins and Sequences that already refer to them.

Deleting a Roll

If any technical problems are encountered during capture session, you may want to delete the entire Roll and try to re-ingest the material. To do this, select the "Delete" command from the Roll context menu in the explorer window.