The RTP/UDP URL string defines the RTP/UDP stream source in various components of the IP streaming solution. Usually this URL is generated automatically, but sometimes for various reasons you may need to change this manually.

The RTP URL format description is given below in the general structure:

rtp://@<StreamIP>:<Port>/?serviceId=<ProgramPid>&videoPid=<VideoStreamPid>&audioPi ds=<AudioStreamsPids>

For the UDP URLs the resource type is "udp://".


StreamIP – defines the stream IP in the following format:


It has the following meaning:

  • If only SourceIP is specified, unicast streaming from this IP will be used.

  • If only MulticastIP is specified, the stream from this multicast group will be used, from any source.

  • If both SourceIP and MulticastIP are specified, the only source defined by SourceIP from the specified multicast group will be used.

  • If neither SourceIP nor MulticastIP is specified, data will be received from any source, i.e. sending it to the specified port.

Port – defines the port that will be used for streaming.

Port 8888 is the default service port used for connection with the Channel Directory Server; it cannot be used as a user-defined service port.

ProgramPid – defines the program PID that will be used. If this parameter is not specified, the first program found in the stream will be used.

VideoStreamPid – defines the video stream PID in the program. If none is specified, the first available video stream PID will be used.

AudioStreamsPids – defines the audio streams PIDs in the program divided by a comma (e.g. “audioPids=136,137”).

Setting the VideoStreamPid and AudioStreamsPids parameters is optional.

SDI Standards

Cinegy Live supports SDI (Serial Digital Interface) standards for transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals, which can also be used for packetized data.

DeckLink, DVS, AJA or Deltacast input devices can be used.

For the list of supported video boards refer to the Cinegy System Recommendations document.
For DeckLink input device the Blackmagic Design DeckLink video board is supported.
For DVS input device the Centaurus II, Centaurus II LT and Atomix LT video boards are supported.