Audio Settings

Playing Sound

To enable/disable audio playback, use the "Play sound" context menu command:

Play sound command


The audiometers are intended to help a user control consistent audio volume levels. The display of the audiometers can be enabled/disabled by using the "Show audiometers" context menu command:

Show audiometers command

The individual audio level indicators will be displayed in the preview panel, for the output channel and every configured input channel:


The audiometers are shown on the right of the preview windows. The scale has the following color scheme for the instant level display:

  • Green – below 0 dB

  • Yellow – 0 to 4 dB

  • Red – above 4 dB

The audio levels of a clip can be adjusted according to the requirements of your organization using the audio mixer.

Audio Mixer

By default, the audio mixer is represented by an input and output audio track strips:


Here all audio inputs are displayed on one audio mixer. To enable the display of audio input for each channel individually, select the "Show Audio inputs" command from the context menu:

Show audio inputs command

The audio faders for each input channel will be displayed:


The numbers below the faders indicate the input channels. The number of the channel being currently played on output is highlighted in yellow.

The faders are used to adjust audio levels of each channel individually. The levels can be adjusted from +12 dB to silence.

Lock button

Press the "Lock" button to force constant transmission of the corresponding input channel audio to output. When pressed, the button turns yellow.

Mute button

Press the "Mute" button to turn off the audio playback. When pressed, the button turns red. Pressing the button once again enables the audio playback.

The display of audio input from a separate channel is optional. To remove/add the audio input display, use the "Show in AudioMixer" command from the required input channel context menu:


Audio Devices

Select the required audio capturing device in the list available from the “Audio devices” submenu of the main context menu:

The list of devices may vary depending on the audio capturing devices installed on your system.