Key Features

  • 4K / SDI / HDSDI / File / IP mixed source inputs.

  • 4K / SDI / HDSDI or IP output selection.

  • 4K / IP / HD and SD sources cut and mixed to output resolution.

  • Support for NDI and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) on input and output.

  • Windows Media Device and webcam can be used as an input.

  • GPU acceleration for HEVC and H.264.

  • Real-time HD / SD up and down conversion.

  • Broadcast Industry standard single or multiple files can be run on cut or mix individually or synchronously.

  • Individual channel audio, Aux and main output faders.

  • Aux Audio input for VO / external sound devices, etc.

  • Audio follows video or lockable to one audio track.

  • "Mute button on all audio inputs.

  • Layout optimized for touch screen operation.

  • Drag-and-drop selection of sources to preview or on-air windows.

  • User saveable layout templates.

  • User-friendly operational and configurable tools.

  • Templates recall source mapping.

  • Scalable application window.

  • File-based graphic overlays.

  • Now available as part of the Cinegy TV Pack, or by special request.

Details for system recommendations are available here.