Follow these steps to install Cinegy Multiviewer:

  1. Run the Multiviewer Setup.exe file from the Cinegy Multiviewer installation package. All the necessary components will be installed on your PC. Then the "Cinegy Multiviewer Setup" wizard appears. Press "Next" to proceed with the Cinegy Multiviewer installation.

  2. Read and accept the license agreement and proceed with installation.

  3. Install Cinegy Multiviewer to the default directory or press the "Browse" button to select a different installation folder. For a simple demo installation the "Multiviewer" component needs to be selected.


    Press "Next" to proceed.

  4. Confirm your decision about the Cinegy Multiviewer installation; press the "Install" button to begin the installation.

  5. A progress bar will show the progress of the installation process. During installation the Cinegy Multiviewer Configurator tool will be launched allowing you to configure the Cinegy Multiviewer settings. You can keep the default configuration or make changes as described in Step 2.

  6. A dialog will inform you that the installation is complete. Press the "Finish" button to exit the setup wizard.