Release Notes

Cinegy Multiviewer is the key member of the IP-based broadcast solution family. It enables broadcasters and production houses to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely. Featuring a robust analysis and alert system detecting signal problems as they occur, Cinegy Multiviewer runs on commodity IT servers or workstations receiving RTP/UDP streams via Ethernet or uncompressed video using standard SDI cards from vendors such as AJA, BMD, DVS or Deltacast. Decoding support for MPEG-2 / H.264 up to 4K in full 4.2.2 color, along with MPEG audio, AAC-HE2 and Dolby Digital / AC-3 decoding is built in – with Dolby® E decoding available as an option.

For help and support please contact the Cinegy support via the e-mail address.

Cinegy Multiviewer 12.0

Cinegy Multiviewer Release: 12

Cinegy Multiviewer Build:

Release Date: June 22, 2017

Major Improvements

  • implemented NVidia GPU decoding supporting up to 4 GPU boards

    NVidia decode acceleration is supported only for H.264 and HEVC in 4:2:0 colorspaces.
  • implemented teletext subtitle decoding with the support for OP42/47 and general teletext formats

  • added Shared RAM device support for low-CPU, low-latency inputs from other locally running Cinegy applications

  • added live remote telemetry service for logging and alerting, including loudness history data for graphing

  • images with alpha-channel 'cut-out' areas can now be overlaid on player objects (full layout redesign)

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Teletext decoding is monochromatic and may have issues with some variations of worldwide teletext and character sets; teletext decoding of subtitles not conforming to OP42/47 or UK WST-1 standards should be considered beta.

  • HEVC decoding using NVidia boards may fail on certain streams, HEVC decoding should still be considered a beta-level feature.

  • Certain older Intel CPUs (e.g. Intel Xeon E5645) may cause crashes.