To configure Cinegy Player and/or enable Cinegy Player PRO features, select the "Preferences" command from the context menu:

Preferences command

The following "Cinegy Player Preferences" dialog appears:

Cinegy Player Preferences dialog

Here you can set up the following parameters:

  • Show start / end visual marker overlay – enable / disable the start and end hints in Cinegy Player.

Refer to the Start / End Clip Hints article for more information.
  • Use Cinegy Player Pro features (requires PRO license) – enable / disable the Cinegy Player PRO features.

To use this functionality, the Cinegy Player PRO license is required. Cinegy Player restart is required every time this option is changed (selected / deselected).
  • Output over SDI board – choose the required SDI board for output from the pull-down list.

This feature requires a Cinegy Player PRO license.
  • Blackmagic SDI default TV format – define a default TV format to be used for output over the Blackmagic SDI board.