Release Notes

Cinegy Player is a tool for broadcast professionals that demand outstanding quality, precision and playback performance while working with high-end video formats. Cinegy Player includes native support for most broadcast industry standard video codecs within the two most common containers – MOV and MXF. Whether playing files locally or across the network Cinegy Player’s performance is beyond anything available on the market so far, which comes as no surprise as the same underlying technology powers Cinegy’s video server and video production and workflow solutions.

Cinegy Player 1.2

Cinegy Player Release: 1.2

Cinegy Player Build:

Release Date: November 17, 2016

Major Improvements

  • implemented GPU accelerated decoding

  • added native Apple ProRes decoding support

  • added the ability to create BXF Media Update messages for describing clip segments

  • implemented direct media playback from the object stores via HTTP / HTTPS

  • improved REST API to control Cinegy Player from web pages

Other Changes

  • fixed sticky display options (e.g. VANC)

  • various performance and media playback enhancement

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Displaying on-screen CC may cause application hang with certain files.

Cinegy Player 1.1

Cinegy Player Release: 1.1

Cinegy Player Build:

Release Date: June 16, 2015

Major Improvements

  • introduction of new Player PRO license option enabling powerful new features

  • video output over SDI via Blackmagic or DVS boards (PRO feature)

  • support for playing Cinegy MCRItem XML sequence files (PRO feature)

  • export to Cinegy MCRItem XML sequence file from any loaded file (PRO feature)

  • output of BXF Media Update message from currently loaded item (PRO feature)

  • new soft-license file introduced, removing requirement for Cinegy License Service

  • preferences dialog introduced for controlling permanent application options

  • enhanced AS-11 DPP metadata display information

  • support for audio-only files playback (MP3, WAV, M4A)

  • introduction of opening RTP / UDP multicast URLs with URL history supported

  • non-drop frame timecode support for MXF files

  • drop frame timecode calculation in MXF files is fixed

  • specific MOV files decoding behavior improvements

  • various performance enhancements and bugfixes