Cinegy License Service

To install Cinegy License Service, run the "Setup.exe" file from the "Cinegy License Service" folder included in the Cinegy Player installation package. Install Cinegy License Service following the instructions given on each installation step and defining the License Service installation directory.

After the installation is complete, Cinegy License Service is installed as a Windows Service.

Computer Management dialog
Cinegy License Service is only required for using a hardware USB license dongle and can be downloaded separately from the Cinegy portal.

If certain components are not installed on the system yet, the following window informs that the required one(s) will be installed automatically before starting the Cinegy Player installation:

Cinegy Installer dialog

Upon completion confirm the system restart; setup process will resume after restart.

Cinegy Player Installation

To install Cinegy Player on your computer open the "Cinegy Player" folder and run the Setup.exe file. The installation wizard appears:

Cinegy Player setup dialog

Press "Next" to continue or "Cancel" to abort and exit the setup wizard.

Read and accept the license agreement and press "Next" to proceed with the installation process:

Cinegy Player setup EULA dialog

Define the installation folder for Cinegy Player to be installed to:

Cinegy Player setup installation folder dialog

Press the "Next" button and begin the installation. A progress bar will show the progress of the installation process.

Press "Finish" to exit the setup wizard.

Cinegy Player icon

After the installation, the Cinegy Player icon appears on your Desktop. Double-click it to start the application.