Cinegy Player hot keyes

Hotkey Description
<F12> Set full screen mode
<Esc> Exit full screen mode
<Space> Play 1.0 speed / Pause
<1> Go back 10 sec
<2> Go forward 10 sec
<3> or <Ctrl+Left Arrow> Go back 1 frame
<4> or <Ctrl+Right Arrow> Go forward 1 frame
<5> Play a two-second range in a loop
<6> Play in-out in a loop
<Y> or <Home> Go to start
<U> or <End> Go to end
<K> Pause
<J> Play backward
<L> Play forward
<Ctrl+I> Change interlace mode
<E> Set the mark in
<R> Set the mark out
<D> Set the mark in to start position
<F> Set the mark out to end position
<G> Clear the mark in / mark out
<A> Go to the previous search event
<S> Go to the next search event
<Q> Go to the mark in
<W> Go to the mark out