Cinegy Route provides a convenient Cinegy Route Browser tool for browsing the video streams registered by Route Directory Service and their automatic converting to the RTP/UDP URLs.

Cinegy Route Browser allows user to browse the video streams registered by Route Directory Service and can automatically convert them to the RTP/UDP URLs.

This tool connects to the given Route Directory Service and browses through the registered streams as shown below:

VoIP Registry Browser
Only streams marked as "Visible" for current user will be available for browsing.

Below this tree of the registered streams, there is a player where the video stream of the selected network source is previewed.


You can start/stop the playback by pressing the corresponding buttons.

To hide the player, remove the selection of the "Show Player" checkbox.

At the bottom of the dialog box you can see the RTP/UDP URL corresponding to the selected source or program.


Route Browser supports direct drag-and-drop of the selected program into the Cinegy Air Control playlist (the corresponding live item will be created in this case) or into the text fields (the RTP/UDP URL will be copied).