The given tool is used for converting an RTP/UDP stream into an MPEG transport stream file (*.ts).

Run the NetCaptureGUI support component to launch the Cinegy Stream Capturer utility:


Use the drop-down list to select the stream type – RTP or UDP and specify the IP address of the stream to be converted.

Select the "Split Recorded File into Chunks" option to enable splitting the file being recorded into equal segments with duration specified using the drop-down list.

Select the "Apply an out file name prefix of" option to use the field entry as a prefix for the received *.ts file name.

Use the "…​" button and browse for the output folder to be used for storing the files recorded from RTP/UDP streams.


Pressing the "Record" button starts the conversion process.

The NetCapture.exe utility is automatically launched allowing user to monitor the file size while converting is in progress:


Press any key to stop recording; the received file is stored in the defined output directory.