The NetSendGUI utility is used for transmission of an MPEG transport stream file (*.ts) into an RTP/UDP stream.

Run the NetSendGUI support component to launch the Cinegy Stream Multicaster utility:


In the "Source transport stream file" field specify the file to be converted into an RTP/UDP stream using the "…​" button or the keyboard.

Use the drop-down list to select the stream type – RTP or UDP and specify the IP address to be used for transmission of the stream being converted from a *.ts file.

Use the corresponding drop-down list to define the adapter IP address for multicast output. All available IP addresses for the given machine are listed automatically.


Press the "Stream" button to start file transmission into the defined RTP/UDP stream.

The stream status is indicated at the bottom of the window. When no file is transmitted into a stream, the "Idle" status is indicated:


During file transmission, the "Stream Status" section displays the following information:

  • second of the clip from which file transmission will start;

  • data transfer rate in Mbit per second.

This information is read-only in the Cinegy Stream Multicaster utility. However, the start point of the file trasmission can be edited through creating a BAT file.


Press this button to copy the command to clipboard.

Use any text editor (e.g. Notepad) to paste the command and save the file with the *.bat extension. This file can further be used for transmission of the given file into a stream with no NetSendGUI utility required.

This functionality requires storing both the NetPlayGUI.exe and *.bat files in the same location.

To alter the start point of the file transmission, the following text should be added to the pasted string:

-b hh:mm:ss

For example, if the file transmission needs to be started from the fifth minute, the text added to the string shall look as follows:


Save the changes and run the file to start transmission. The following window appears:


Here the start time value is displayed in seconds.


Use the "Stop This Stream" button in the Cinegy Stream Multicaster window to stop the current stream transmission.


If several instances of the utility are launched to transmit multiple streams individually, press the "Stop All Streams" button to stop them all simultaneously.