Cinegy Route Directory Service holds the details of all registered SD, HD and UHD network streams generated by satellites downlinks, playout devices and other network sources. Sources from streams can be discovered, registered, previewed and organized into secure logical virtual groups via Route Manager. Only users given the "visible" privilege through explicit or group membership are even aware streams exist in the management tree, reducing clutter and unauthorized access.

All the present streams can be registered by Route Directory Service. This service can be installed on any dedicated PC via the Cinegy Route setup wizard and can be used by all ingest and playout stations, as well as by Cinegy Multiviewer.

Refer to the Cinegy Multiviewer Manual for detailed information about Cinegy Multiviewer.

Cinegy Route Directory Service is automatically installed as a Windows service. The service can be started either manually by running the ChannelDirectory.exe file from the Cinegy Route installation folder or automatically after the PC restart.