To use the Cinegy Subtitling Service, the following Cinegy software components are required:

  • Cinegy Subtitling Service v21.8.

  • Cinegy Air v21.2 or higher is recommended.

  • Cinegy Event Manager v21.7 or higher.

The subtitling component consists of two parts: the Cinegy Subtitling Control and the Cinegy Subtitling Service.

Cinegy Subtitling Control Plugin

The Cinegy Subtitling Control is a subtitling secondary event plugin, installed along with Cinegy Event Manager. After installation it should be properly configured and activated.

Refer to the Cinegy Subtitling Control paragraph in the Cinegy Event Manager Manual for details on its configuration.

Cinegy Subtitling Service

The Cinegy Subtitling Service package is provided as a separate folder containing several files. Among them, the SubtitlingService.exe file can be run as a console utility used to process incoming streams in accordance with the settings specified in the appsettings.json configuration file,also provided in the installation package. This file is placed in the same folder where the Cinegy Subtitling Service is running, but after the first start it will be automatically copied into the Application Data folder.

Refer to the Configuration section for details on configuration settings in the appsettings.json file.

Installation as the Windows Service

The Cinegy Subtitling Service can be installed and run as a standard Windows service by using the delivered installation and configuration script. To do so, you should run the Configure-Services.bat file from your Cinegy Subtitling Service installation package using the "Run as administrator" command. The following management console window appears:

management console window

Here you can perform the following actions:

  • Install or Upgrade Subtitling Service – copies the SubtitlingService.exe file to the C:\Program Files\Cinegy\Cinegy Subtitling Service folder.

    If detected, the previous version of the Cinegy Subtitling Service will be automatically replaced with the new one.
  • Create Subtitling Service – creates the Cinegy Subtitling Service as a Windows service.

    This step requires the "Install or Upgrade Subtitling Service" action to be previously completed.
  • Start Subtitling Service – starts the pre-created Cinegy Subtitling Service as a Windows service. At this stage, the appsettings.json configuration file is copied to the C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\SubtitlingService folder.

    This step requires the "Create Subtitling Service" action to be previously completed.
  • Stop Service – stops the pre-created Cinegy Subtitling Service started as a Windows service.

  • Remove Service – removes the Cinegy Subtitling Service from Windows services list.

  • Exit – quits the management console.

After installation of the service, navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\SubtitlingService folder and configure the appsettings.json file as described in the Configuration section or replace the existing file with a pre-configured one. At the service start the configuration will be applied automatically.