Release Notes

Cinegy Support Tools is a set of tools for collecting technical data about Cinegy installations.

Its primary purpose is to simplify the support procedure and provide customers with an easy way to collect and review different technical parameters of their Cinegy products installation, helping in troubleshooting potential issues that may occur.

The current Cinegy Support Tools package consists of:

Cinegy Reporting Tool

A tool that generates reports on the installed Cinegy products, their settings, available log and dump files, etc. The information collected while generating a report can also be automatically uploaded to a dedicated FTP server.

Cinegy Report Viewer

A tool that represents information contained in the report packages in a user-friendly manner. It is designed to be used by system administrators and the Cinegy Support team, although the user may use it to review information being sent to Support to ensure that it is valid and no personal info is collected.

Cinegy Cleanup Tool

A tool that analyzes the system to discover "no longer needed" files generated by the Cinegy products. It automatically collects different types of files such as dumps, logs, etc. and calculates the space used by them on the machine. These files may be removed from the machine with or without their local backup, according to user settings.

For help and support please contact the Cinegy team using the following e-mail address.

Cinegy Support Tools 10.3

Cinegy Support Tools Release: 10.3

Cinegy Support Tools Build:

Reporting Tool: 10.3.363.616

Report Viewer: 10.3.363.616

Cleanup Tool:

Cinegy Reporting Tool Release Date: October 04, 2017

Major Improvements

Cinegy Reporting Tool

  • added the data collection support for all the latest released Cinegy products versions

  • added the DirectX diagnostics info gathering support

  • added Cinegy Desktop Import Tool settings collection support

  • added the mandatory property to the "Helpdesk Ticket ID" field

  • fixed the time range applying when gathering logs

  • fixed the Cinegy Air video encoder type display

  • fixed the processing of the deleted Cinegy Capture engines

  • added the Cinegy Capture preview state collection

  • fixed the Cinegy Capture settings data collection when the "H.264 Nvidia GPU" preview is enabled

  • fixed the Capture Planner active template name display

  • fixed the Capture Archive Adapter CAS version collection

  • fixed the RAM mode/number identification

  • fixed the Capture Engine 11 license type identification

Cinegy Report Viewer

  • improved the performance when working with large reports

Cinegy Cleanup Tool

  • improved logs and dumps paths processing

  • added command line mode to enable batch operations

  • added the "Delete and move to Recycle Bin" option

  • added "By date" grouping mode

  • added warning about the file size limit for the ZIP archive type

  • added 7z archive type support with different compression types

  • sorted the Cinegy Air logs in accordance to the channels' name

  • added Cinegy Stream Switcher and Cinegy Live support

  • added Cinegy Desktop Import Tool logs collection support

  • added Cinegy Archive Service logs collection support

  • fixed the application settings saving between sessions

Cinegy Support Tools 10.2

Cinegy Support Tools Release: 10.2

Cinegy Support Tools Build:

Reporting Tool:

Report Viewer:

Cleanup Tool:

Cinegy Reporting Tool Release Date: February 09, 2017

Major Improvements

Cinegy Reporting Tool

  • collected system information is extended

  • the default reports generation folder is changed to current user’s documents directory

  • the default data collection settings are changed to include only 10 recent days

  • the Cinegy products detection method is re-worked to be more robust

  • data collection is supported for products of the Cinegy Air 11 package: Cinegy Studio, Cinegy Air, Cinegy CG, Cinegy Air Event Service

  • data collection is improved for the following Cinegy products: Cinegy Desktop, Cinegy Route, Cinegy Air / Studio 10 SOLO/PRO, Cinegy Live, Cinegy Stream Switcher, Cinegy Gateway, Cinegy Capture components

  • the Cinegy License Service data collection issue is fixed

  • the spurious error messages when collecting Cinegy Multiviewer data are removed

  • possible application crash on collecting information for Cinegy Convert 9.6 Legacy or Cinegy Desktop 9.6 is fixed

  • the report generation failure on specific machines is fixed

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Data on Cinegy Studio SOLO 10.1 / 10.2 is not collected correctly in some special cases.

  • Cinegy Cleanup Tool: dumps and logs for some products are not collected with their default paths configuration changed.