Cinegy Titler 21.9

Cinegy Titler allows the addition of multiple layers of automation controlled, template based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multi-layer character animations, Cinegy Titler includes a whole range of advanced effects and features. This module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with templated information and animated video plates.

With broadcast automation controlled scheduled playout, sequences are often changed or modified right up to the last minute, or even during playout. With Cinegy Titler you can make changes on the fly. Simply turn items off (pure pass thru), turn parts on/off (e.g. logo), or invoke certain templates, plates or other titles manually independent of the automation schedule.

Use the Cinegy Titler Editor to build complex visual scenes, harnessing the full power of the Cinegy Titler engine. Allow users to alter specified elements in a pre-created template using the simple and intuitive template viewer – letting production staff easily utilize the work of the graphical design team.

The Cinegy Titler template builder and title designer allows you to build creative templates offline with all the effects and features required to make professional templates quickly and easily.