The "Clock" object allows you to set up the generated clock display on your scene.


It has the following parameters:

  • Run – when enabled, the clock will be running.

  • Type – specifies the clock type: time, date, stopwatch, countdown, countdown to time or date.

    Depending on the chosen clock type, some of the following parameters can become unavailable.
  • Use text as – specifies the position of the text added to the time display. Choose "Prefix" or "Postfix" to place the text either before or after the time display correspondingly; choose "None" to hide the text and leave only generated clock display. If the "Custom" option is selected, the text with numeric clock macros syntax applied will be processed to display different forms of date and time.

  • 12-hour clock – enables the time display in the 12-hour time format.

  • Time Format – specifies the time format for the clock.

  • Date Format – specifies the date format.

  • Date Separator – defines the separator character used as the divider between month, day, and year of displayed date.

  • Start Value – specifies the reference point for the countdown clock and stopwatch.

  • Time Offset – specifies the time offset value compared with the current PC time.

  • Countdown to – defines the time to count down to. For "Countdown to Date" clock type the date field is activated.