Release Notes

Cinegy Titler is rebranded to Cinegy Title.

Cinegy Title 22.12 Release Candidate

Cinegy Title Release: 22.12 RC

Cinegy Title Build: 22.12.324.65497

Cinegy Title Engine Version:

Compatible with: Cinegy Air 22.12+

Release Date: December 15, 2022

Cinegy Title version 22.12 contains support for the latest NVIDIA boards which are only supported in newer NVIDIA drivers which in turn require a newer SDK to be utilised. This therefore means that the Cinegy Title 22.12 release requires a minimum NVIDIA driver version of 452.39. Until other Cinegy software products are updated to utilise the newer NVIDIA SDK, such as Cinegy Capture and Cinegy Multiviewer, customers should avoid where possible running them on the same machine as Cinegy Title. Please ensure that you have confirmed that the OS under which you are running Cinegy Title and the model of NVIDIA board which you are using are supported in the version of the NVIDIA driver you choose before starting any upgrades.
Cinegy Desktop 22.11 R1 does not support Cinegy Title 22.12.
Check availability of the minimal recommended driver version 452.39 or newer for your particular NVIDIA card for Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating System.
Please note that before you start the installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Titler components that you may have on your machine if current installed version is 21.2 or lower.
We do not recommend using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to work with Cinegy Title Editor due to some protocol limitations related to GPU acceleration.
Cinegy Title system recommendations are now available in this article.

Major Improvements & Fixes

Cinegy Title

  • rebranded product name to Cinegy Title (US 7290)

  • added the "Corners Radius" effect for plate objects (US 4640)

  • extended possible variations of time macros (defect 16034, ticket EII-592-82725)

  • supported the "Leave loop at the end" option for the countdown clock (US 7123)

  • implemented text background effect as formatting (US 7135)

  • implemented viewing options (Solid, Transparent, Alpha) for working area (US 7141)

  • implemented new design for keyframe types icons (USs 7163, 7192)

  • implemented "Substitution" text effect (USs 7236, 5216)

  • supported selection of multiple objects with possibility to form them into groups for further manipulations (USs 7142, 7239, 7237)

  • extended countdown macros with leading zeros (US 7191)

  • implemented Autosize feature for plate objects to match the actual text size (US 7293)

  • implemented “Smart TextBox” panel to manage highlighted part of a text on textbox (USs 7288, 7289)

  • supported STL vertical alignment parameter in Subtitle object (US 7157)

  • added "Tile" option for images in the "Fill Mode" list of plate object (US 7171)

  • fixed issue with creating a new object by pressing the "Space" / "Enter" key on the keyboard (defect 16039)

  • fixed vertical compression of NDI RGBA input used in Title template if engine works in YCbCr-10bit mode (defect 15726)

  • fixed issue with video freezing on Cinegy Playout output caused by use of Title templates with specific configuration (defect 15843, ticket YGS-771-57038)

  • fixed adding extra spaces to a new line in Text object if the previous line starts with spaces (defect 15934) (defect 15934)

  • fixed loss of focus after deleting an object in the Object tree (defect 16070)

  • fixed incorrect text color formatting for nesting [color][/color] and [bgcolor][/bgcolor] tags (defect 15985)

  • fixed incorrect updating of variables with Update type “Restart” (defect 15909)

  • fixed error caused by insertion of the RS/US Unicode control character into the scene/object name (defect 16059)

  • fixed incorrect interpreting of Title source Alpha setting (defect 15577, ticket OIH-579-37133)

  • fixed incorrect displaying of 12-hour time in time macros (defect 16035, ticket EII-592-82725)

  • added various interface improvements (defect 16037)