Cinegy Title allows you to modify the appearance of objects by adding different effects to them.

Adding an Effect

When an object is selected in the tree, the toolbar with effects available for this object is displayed, allowing you to quickly apply or disable the desired effect:


Place the cursor over the icon to see the tooltip prompting you the effect name.

Click the corresponding icon to apply the effect. Once the effect is applied, its icon becomes highlighted. To disable the effect, click the corresponding highlighted icon once more.

Another way to add an effect to the object is to right-click the object in the tree and from the "Effects" drop-down menu select the desired effect to be applied:


The tab with the effect settings will be added to the parameters panel.

Each effect can be applied to an object only once. The effects are applied in the defined order in which they are displayed in the "Effects" drop-down list.

Effect Parameters

After enabling the effect, its parameters will be displayed in a separate tab on the parameters panel:


Removing the Effect

To remove the effect, simply deselect it in the "Effects" drop-down menu.