There are two ways to start Cinegy Workspace Configurator:

  • select the "Lauch Cinegy Workspace Configurator" checkbox in the final installation wizard window;

  • double-click the "Cinegy Workspace Configurator" desktop shortcut.

The Cinegy Workspace Configurator window will appear:


Here you can configure the following settings:

  • Service URL – the Cinegy Archive Service URL.

    Leave the default directory that was defined during the Cinegy Workspace installation or enter a different one and press the ping_button button to ping Cinegy Archive Service. If the specified URL address is incorrect, you will be informed about it with the corresponding error message.

  • Connection type – the type of the connection to Cinegy Archive Service. Define the connection type by choosing the required option from the drop-down list: SQL, Trusted, Role or Remove trusted.

  • Login as Anonymous – select this checkbox to allow anonymous connections to Cinegy Archive Service, i.e. when Cinegy Workspace is launched, it will be connected under the user defined as anonymous.

    Anonymous Connections are deprecated and will be removed in future.

    With "Login as Anonymous" selected, the default login parameters as well as domains and groups settings become disabled and the login screen will not be shown when connecting to Cinegy Archive Service.

  • User name – the default content for the Cinegy Workspace login entry form.

  • Show login screen – leave this option selected to have the Cinegy Workspace login screen shown when connecting to Cinegy Archive Service.

    Deselect this option to connect to Cinegy Archive Service according to the defined default login parameters. In this case, Cinegy Archive Service will connect to the first domain and workgroup in the list. If there is no connection either to the domain, or workgroup, the connection to Cinegy Archive Service will not be established.

  • Password – the defined user password.

  • Retype Password – user password confirmation.

For the Cinegy Workspace client configuration specify the valid domain and workgroup parameters.

  • Domains – the list of connected domains is displayed here. To add a domain, press the Add_domain_button button; the new domain will be added to the "Domains" list. To change its default name, enter a new name in the "Name" field on the right of the domains list via the keyboard:

    The default domain name is the one defined during the installation process.
  • Workgroups – the list of workgroups is displayed here. Press the Add_domain_button button; the new workgroup will be added to the "Workgroups" list:


    You can specify the following workgroup parameters by entering the desired values via the keyboard in the fields on the right:

    • Database Server – the SQL Server name;

    • Database – the Cinegy Archive database name;

    • Display name – the Cinegy Archive database name to be displayed in the Cinegy Workspace login window in the "Workgroup" field.


To remove a domain / workgroup from their lists, select the desired one in the list and press the "minus" button next to the corresponding list.


Use the "arrow" buttons to rearrange the domains / workgroups order in the list.


Having specified all the parameters, press the "Save" button to save your current configuration settings.


To load the existing Cinegy Workspace configuration, press this button. In the common "Open" dialog that appears, select the desired XML file from which the configuration will be loaded.


To load the existing Cinegy Workspace configuration, press this button. If all the login fields are filled in with the correct data, you will be asked to confirm your decision about connecting to Cinegy Archive Service. Press "OK" to establish connection to Cinegy Archive Service.


To exit the Cinegy Workspace configurator without saving your changes, press the "Close" button or x_button in the top right corner.

Now you can work in Cinegy Workspace according to your defined settings.