Cinegy Workspace gives an interface to work with the Cinegy Archive database. The web frontend is implemented in Silverlight, so all web browsers supporting the Silverlight plug-in (version 4 or later) can be used.

For more details on recommended web browsers, please refer to the system recommendations document.

Prior to the Cinegy Workspace installation, it is required to install:

  • Cinegy Image Service (CIS) – services that provide the Cinegy Workspace client with the thumbnails generation functionality. They are installed from the CIS installation package that can be downloaded from the Cinegy Workspace package on the Cinegy portal.

  • Cinegy Archive Service (CAS) – a service that provides access to the Cinegy Archive database. It is installed from the Cinegy Archive package that can be downloaded from the Cinegy portal.

During the CAS installation the following Cinegy Image Service URL should be specified http://<server_name>:12600/image_service/1.0/api/thumbnail/, where <server_name> is the name of the computer where the Cinegy Image Service is installed and configured.