Cinegy Workspace only supports the playback of media files in WEB quality. The network shares in your database should be configured to work with the virtual directory for WEB quality files. At this stage we only support WMV and MP4 formats for WEB quality.

You need to have Internet Information Service installed and configured on your computer to manage virtual directories.

Use the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard to create a virtual directory. To do so, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Machine name > Sites. Right-click "Default Web Site" and choose the "Add Virtual Directory…​" context menu command. In the "Add Virtual Directory" dialog box that appears specify the path to the WEB content directory in the "Physical path" field by pressing the browse_button button or via the keyboard.

Then add a network share using Cinegy Archive Manager. Specify the virtual directory name as a Media URL and the path to the WMV content directory as a Share name.

Refer to the Network Shares paragraph in the Cinegy Archive Manager Manual to learn how to edit the network shares.