Follow these instructions to install Cinegy Workspace:

  1. Use the "RunSetup.exe" file from your Cinegy Workspace installation package; the "Cinegy Workspace Setup" wizard appears:


    Press "Next" to proceed with the Cinegy Workspace installation or "Cancel" to abort and exit the setup wizard.

  2. Read and accept the license agreement and proceed with installation.

  3. On the next installation step, you will be asked to define the Cinegy Workspace hosting type. Choose either Windows service or IIS v 7.* by setting the corresponding radio button:

IIS integrated mode is an advanced option that should be carried out with direct help from Cinegy Support if such a feature is required.

Press "Next" to proceed with the Cinegy Workspace installation process.

The Cinegy Workspace installation process varies for different hosting type.

Installing Cinegy Workspace as a Windows Service

This section will guide you through the installation process of Cinegy Workspace as a Windows service.

Having selected "Windows service" as a hosting type for Cinegy Workspace, on the next installation step you will be asked to define the installation folder for Cinegy Workspace. Leave the default directory or press the "Change" button to select a different destination folder.

Press the "Next" button.

In the dialog that appears you can configure the HTTP service port number.

To change the predefined port number, press the "Change" button and enter a new value in the "Use port number" field in the dialog that appears:


On the next installation step, configure the Windows service account by entering the user name and password via the keyboard in the corresponding fields:


Having entered the correct data, press "Next" to continue the Cinegy Workspace installation.

In the next dialog that appears you can define the Cinegy Archive Service published address:


If you are installing Cinegy Workspace on the same computer where the Cinegy Archive Service is installed, the published address is defined automatically. It corresponds to the directory where the Cinegy Archive Service is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Cinegy\Cinegy Archive Service\ ).

If Cinegy Workspace is being installed on a different computer, the "Cinegy Archive Service address" field will be empty.

To change the default Cinegy Archive Service address, press the "Change" button; the following "Cinegy Archive Service URL" dialog will appear:


Here enter via the keyboard a different Cinegy Archive Service URL in the following structure: http://<Server name>:<Port number>/ICinegyDataAccessService, where:

Server name – the server where Cinegy Archive Service is installed;

Port number – the port number used by the Cinegy Archive Service.

Alternatively, you can change the default path to the folder where the Cinegy Archive Service is installed via the "Browse" button.

The defined installation folder should be shared for the user installing Cinegy Workspace.

If the installation folder is defined correctly, the Cinegy Archive Service URL will be set automatically.

In case when the Cinegy Archive Service installation folder is defined incorrectly, the URL field remains empty and the following error message appears:


Make necessary changes in the "Cinegy Archive Service URL" dialog and press "OK" to apply your settings and return to the previous dialog.

Press "Next"; the following dialog appears:


Here you can configure the SQL Server connection and domain settings. The default SQL Server and Cinegy Archive database names are set according to your choice during the Cinegy Archive Service installation.

For details on the Cinegy Archive Service installation and configuration refer to the Cinegy Archive Service Manual.

If you wish to change them, press the "Change" button; the following dialog appears:


To use the default SQL Server and database settings without any changes, leave the corresponding option selected. To edit them, remove the selection of the "Use Cinegy Archive Service default database settings" option; the settings will become available for editing.

Enter the SQL Server name via the keyboard or by pressing the "…" button and choosing the required server name from the pull-down list.

To use trusted connection, select the corresponding option or leave it unselected and enter a different user name and password.

"Trusted connection" means that the login name and the password, which you are using to log in into the network, will be used for the trusted connection to the SQL Server. This must be set up on the SQL Server side; otherwise the login will fail.

Press the "Connect" button; if the user whose ID you entered does not have enough rights to connect to the defined SQL Server, you will be informed about it with the error message.

When the connection to the defined SQL Server is established, a list of available databases is loaded in the "Database" list. Choose the desired one; its version will be defined automatically and written to the "Version" field.

Press "OK" to apply your settings and return to the previous window.

Now you are ready to install Cinegy Workspace. If you would like to change any of your settings, go back to the previous dialog boxes by pressing the "Back" button.

Press the "Install" button to start the Cinegy Workspace installation. A progress bar will show the progress of the installation process. When it is completed, press the "Finish" button to exit the setup wizard.

In the final Cinegy Workspace installation wizard window, you can launch the Workspace configuration tool by selecting the "Launch Cinegy Workspace Configurator" checkbox.

After the installation, you will find on your desktop both the shortcut with the link to the Cinegy Workspace access point and the Cinegy Workspace Configurator shortcut.