Playback Control with the Mouse

Play / Stop Button

cineweb_play_button cineweb_pause_button

The "Play/Pause" button in the player toggles the playback mode.


The "Stop" button stops the playback of the material.

Scrolling through the Material

Below the frame in the player, you can see the ruler, which allows you to scroll to any desired location of a clip. You can view any frame of the material by dragging the time slider.


Jumping to Events

You can use the "Event" buttons to move from event to event. Events are the beginning and the end of a clip and the In and Out points. Use:


the "Previous Event" button to jump to the previous event;


the "Next Event" button to jump to the next event.

Controlling Zoom in the Player

You can drag the borders of the window to scale the size of the display.

To resize the window it needs to be floating. Please refer to the Positioning the Panels paragraph for details on how to make the panel floating.

Adjusting the Audio


The speaker button allows you to mute the sound or turn the sound on again for the media being played back. When muted, the speaker is shown as speacker_muted.


When you point the mouse to the speaker button, the volume control slider appears allowing you to change the volume level for the media by moving the slider with the mouse.


Depress the "Video" button to switch off the video track. Only audio will be played back.


Depress the "Audio" button to switch off the audio track. Only video will be played back.

Finding the Clip Origin


The "Find Bin" command opens the bin that the current clip originates from.