Download the CMS installation package from the Cinegy Workspace section on the Cinegy portal.

If you plan on working with Internet Information Services (IIS) feature, you need to have it installed and configured. Currently Cinegy supports Microsoft IIS version 7.0 or higher.

For detailed information on how to install and configure Internet Information Services, please refer to the Microsoft official web page.

Cinegy License Service

Cinegy Licensing Service is a dedicated service that deals with the dongle interaction and provides access to the information stored inside the hardware dongle.

Cinegy License Service installation is required prior to the Cinegy Media Services installation.

To install Cinegy License Service, run the "Setup.exe" file from the "Cinegy License Service" folder; follow the instructions given on each installation step.

After the installation is complete, Cinegy License Service is installed as a Windows Service.

License Service