Make sure that your playout server is correctly configured and the dongle hardware is installed. If Cinegy License Service or the dongle is not installed, your broadcasting session will not start.

The dongle driver is installed automatically during the Cinegy License Service installation.

Start the Cinegy Air application in control mode. You need to establish connection to the playout server. To do this, activate the ON/OFF bar and press the "Connect" button.


If the connection is successful, all Cinegy Air functions are activated.

Selecting the "Connect automatically" checkbox in the Cinegy Air configurator enables application to automatically connect to the playout server(s) on startup.

If the connection is successful, all Cinegy Air PRO control functions for the current channel are activated.

Releasing connection can also be performed individually for each channel.

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If you wish to release the connection, simply press the "Connect" button one more time. The playlist coloring will be removed and all management buttons will be disabled.

When you try to establish connection with a Cinegy Playout instance that someone else has already been connected to, you will receive a notification:


In this window the information about current connection is provided. Press the "Yes" button to break the current connection and connect to the configured Cinegy Playout instance. Choose "No" to cancel your connection and reconfigure the engine.

In order to prevent the time differences between the control and playout stations, all the Air clients take the current time from the playout server.

Loss of Server Connection

If Cinegy Air loses the connection to any connected playout server, the corresponding channel tab will blink with red color and the following informational window will be open:


Press the "OK" button to reconnect automatically once connection can be established or "Cancel" to manually connect using the "CONN" button.

Server Controls

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If you are using master and slave servers, your playlist will be playing into two playout servers at the same time. Change the server priority (master/slave) from the "ON/OFF" menu.

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The current servers statuses are shown on top of the playout control panel. The possible combinations of control monitors are shown below:


EPG Communication

The EPG service is only available with the separate "Cinegy Air PRO Integration with NDS" plug-in installed on the current computer.

To bring EPG information to the NDS server, use the "EPG" command from the "File" main menu:


Here you can choose the EPG schedule update mode:

  • Upload to SSR – uploads the whole playlist to SSR. This command is used when a new playlist is loaded or after a playlist is completed in playlist editor mode.

  • Update – uploads only the changes made to the playlist since the last update/upload procedure to the NDS server. The "Update" command affects only those items modified, deleted or restored as well as items with a changed start time.

Automatic Updates

The update command is performed automatically at defined intervals or manually using the "Update" command.

To enable the auto update EPG option, select the "Enable" checkbox in the "Preferences" dialog. Refer to the Preferences article for details about GPI configuring.