Security Protection

Before working with Cinegy Air, you can define the startup protection parameters and assign the users with the privileges to log in to the application.

Refer to the Security paragraph to learn how to activate the security protection.

When launching Cinegy Air with the security protection activated, the interface will be locked, all the controls will be inactive. To activate the interface, choose the "Unlock Cinegy Air…​" command from the "Playout" main menu. You will be asked to authorize the application:


Here enter the user name and password and press "OK".

In the case when the entered user name and/or password is invalid, the login fails and the following error message appears:


The interface can be deactivated by selecting the "Lock air control…​" command from the "Playout" main menu.

If for some reason the specified via channel configuration *.MCRActive playlist becomes invalid, the given playlist will be restored from backup when launching the Cinegy Air Control application. The corresponding error message occurs:

The backup file will not contain the last change applied to the playlist.

Multiple Clients Connectivity

Having launched Cinegy Air with multiple channels configured, select the channels you wish to control by checking the corresponding options:


Only the selected channels are loaded to the control application. Selecting the channels enables running multiple Cinegy Air applications on a single machine simultaneously; thus, allowing one operator to work with multiple channels and playlists independently with no need to switch between them. Choose the "Select all / Deselect all" option to load all the configured channels.

The channel selection is remembered and recalled during the next Cinegy Air control application start.