The Servers panel provides access to the controls for adding and removing the server(s) to be used for capturing as well as for administrating the Cinegy Capture Engine(s) connected to the server(s):

The Cinegy Capture Control supports multiple Capture Services and can connect to several machines simultaneously.


Press the "Add" button to add a new machine to the list. The following dialog box appears:


In the "Name" field, enter the appropriate name for the server being currently added. Use the "Computer" drop-down list to select the required machine where the Cinegy Capture Engine(s) is installed. Press "OK" to add the server.

The server will be added along with its nested Capture Engine(s) installed via Cinegy Capture Manager:

If the added server has no installed Cinegy Capture Agent service, it will be grayed out.

Check the corresponding Cinegy Capture Engine service(s) to be connected; these Engines will be displayed within the Engines panel in thumbnails representation:



Press the "Edit" button to change the currently selected server.


Press the "Remove" button to delete the selected server with the nested Engines from the list. You will be asked to confirm your decision to delete the server. The default keyboard shortcut for this operation is Delete.