Release Notes

Cinegy Capture v21.11 is the next major release of the Cinegy Capture family, which includes a lot of new useful features and important fixes and improvements.

The Cinegy Capture bundle comprises the following components:

Cinegy Capture Manager which is installed with Cinegy Capture Server and is responsible for performing the core functions of recording, encoding, as well as controlling and reacting to devices; it performs all the stages of the Cinegy Capture engines management.

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter is controlled from Cinegy Capture Manager and allows user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into centralized asset management systems.

Cinegy Capture Control connects to the Cinegy Capture engine(s). Each Capture engine is responsible for receiving streamed data and its encoding.

Cinegy Capture Planner is responsible for automated jobs processing according to the schedule. It can work with multiple servers simultaneously.

Cinegy Capture Web Control is a scalable panel that provides remote control of capturing via a web-hosted application from a standard PC or a mobile gadget running on any operational system.

Cinegy Capture 21.11 Release Candidate 1

Cinegy Capture: 21.11 RC1

Cinegy Capture Package Build:

Cinegy PCS Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.5.52373.2472

Release Date: December 23, 2021

Make sure that the GPU card selected as video accelerator in Cinegy Capture Manager supports interlace field coding; otherwise, interlaced encoding processing will fail even if an appropriate GPU device is selected for the video encoder.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Capture Engine

  • implemented direct transcoding for MPEG, H.264, HEVC and Daniel2 streams and Archive templates (USs 666, 7065)

  • implemented AC-3 decoder (US 6994)

  • added support for DNxHR in MXF OP1a (US 5858)

  • supported audio input devices (US 6874)

  • supported the synced ingest for the direct transcoding (US 7064)

  • supported "pseudo" and "progressive" interlace encoding mode for H.264 Nvidia GPU preview (US 6971)

  • supported option for downscaling to HD by using DNxHD encoder (US 6987)

  • fixed issue with adding filename index at the simultaneous writing of MXF OP1a and MXF OPAtom files (defect 13573)

  • fixed failure to start recording with MPEG-TS wrapper template using only the audio codec (no video) (defect 14856)

  • fixed audio issue with sound dropping on certain SDI source (defect 14900, ticket UUC-543-70731)

  • fixed incorrect image size/raster when recording a 1920x1080 HD source as XDCAM (defect 15162, ticket ESM-668-77500)

  • disabled unsupported compression qualities for 10-bit source in Avid DNxHR codec settings (defect 15174)

  • fixed issue with writing an MXF OP1a file with Cinegy H.264 codec and PCM audio codec (defect 15200)

  • fixed issue with detecting active Engines while connecting to the server (defect 15208)

  • improved obtaining of the GPU usage data

  • number of stability and performance fixes

Cinegy Capture Manager

  • fixed issue with Server Editor keeping credentials when "Secure connection" option is disabled

  • fixed skip of V210 to YUY2 conversion when Shared RAM preview is used

  • removed some unnecessary settings for HTTP Request and PowerShell event presets in the "Main settings" section (defect 14912)

  • fixed failure to start Engine if PowerShell device is supported for events (defect 14015)

  • minor bugfixes and improvements

Cinegy Capture Control

  • fixed application crash after frequent clicks on the dashboard (defect 15199)

  • fixed application crash under certain conditions (ticket YCJ-244-12406)

  • number of stability fixes

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • unified forms for recurrent tasks management in Cinegy Capture Planner and Scheduler panel of Cinegy Capture Control (defect 13255)

  • fixed unexpected skipping of message in some specific cases (ticket WAM-277-11690)

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter

  • implemented use of SQL authentication if "Domain" is set to "." in Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter (US 7062)

  • fixed issue with failing to register media files properly in some specific cases (defect 13075)

  • fixed issue with updating the license status for Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter (defect 15187)

  • minor bugfixes and improvements

Important Known Issues

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Currently, only NVIDIA-based accelerator is supported, other types might not work properly.