Release Notes

The Cinegy Capture bundle comprises the following components:

Cinegy Capture Manager is installed with the Cinegy Capture server and is responsible for performing the core functions of recording, encoding, as well as controlling and reacting to devices; it performs all the stages of the management of Cinegy Capture engines.

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter is controlled by Cinegy Capture Manager and allows the user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into centralized asset management systems.

Cinegy Capture Control connects to the Cinegy Capture engine(s). Each Capture engine is responsible for receiving streamed data and its encoding.

Cinegy Capture Planner is responsible for the automated processing of jobs according to the schedule. It can work with multiple servers simultaneously.

Cinegy Capture Web Control is a scalable panel that provides remote control of capturing via a web-hosted application from a standard PC or a mobile gadget running on any operational system.

Cinegy Capture 24.1

Cinegy Capture: 24.1

Cinegy Capture Package Build:

Cinegy PCS Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 8.0.61110.3103

Release Date: February 1, 2024

Ensure that the GPU card selected as the video accelerator in Cinegy Capture Manager supports interlace field coding; otherwise, interlaced encoding processing will fail even if an appropriate GPU device is selected for the video encoder.
System memory and resources leak when creating and closing threads with NVIDIA graphics is detected in drivers version 526.67. The issue was reported to NVIDIA support (NVIDIA Incident Report 4027304) and is fixed in version 535.98. We recommend using NVIDIA graphics drivers version 535.98 or later to fix the system memory and resources leak. Please verify the usage of the resources after upgrades of the drivers.
Please perform the process of NVIDIA drivers update only upon stopping Cinegy applications. For detailed instructions on installing NVIDIA driver, please refer to the NVIDIA Drivers installation article.
Please note that working with the Avid DNxHD/HR video codec requires an additional purchase of a codec license and installation of a separate plug-in. For details, please contact the Cinegy Sales Team.

Major Improvements and Fixes

Please read the What’s New in Cinegy Capture 24.1 post to get acquainted with information about new useful features and important enhancements in this release.

Capture Engine

  • supported 6/12G Deltacast boards (US 7402)

  • added support for DNxHR in MXF OP1a in the Archive-based templates (US 7209)

  • added ability to downscale the frame size to 720p for Avid DNxHR encoder (US 7417)

  • added bit depth conversion from 10-bit to 8-bit for Avid DNxHR encoder (US 7418)

  • added the "Strict format" option to accept only streams that strictly comply with the engine video format settings for RTP/SRT or NDI inputs (USs 7267, 7268)

  • improved discovery of NDI and MPEG-TS stream inputs (defect 13122)

  • supported generation of AAF files for Avid DNxHR encoder and the MXF OPAtom wrapper (defects 16480, 16529, 16530)

  • changed notification about midnight timecode break (US 7457)

  • supported Cinegy Route Browser v22.10 and higher (defect 16373, ticket IAQ-785-43699)

  • improved the filename pattern for MXF OPAtom files (defect 16324, ticket CFS-548-63370)

  • corrected work of file writer buffer when connection to file storage is lost (defect 16393)

  • fixed unexpected timecode break on start with the "Always use fixed start timecode" option enabled for a scheduled task (defect 16286, ticket PGO-422-95939)

  • fixed issue where the master clip duration was not displayed correctly in the "Clip properties" dialog box in Cinegy Desktop (defect 16321, ticket IAV-102-43451)

  • fixed issue with using BT.2020 mode for AVC-Intra codec (defect 16553)

  • fixed distortion of the output signal when using the Cinegy Capture template in SD NTSC format (defect 16597, ticket XBB-198-87319)

  • improved handling of expiration metadata (defects 16622, 16656)

  • corrected discrepancy of date format in the "D&TIngest" and "Expiration" clip metadata fields for non-USA regional date formats (defect 16621)

  • fixed a possible application crash caused by applying new settings made in the "Telemetry" tab (defect 16675)

  • fixed issue with receiving LiveU NDI stream (defect 16724, ticket SXE-681-44255)

  • fixed receiving NDI streams without monotonic timestamp

  • changed names for some Cinegy Capture services (US 7353)

  • other bugfixes and improvements (defects 16409, 15844, 16304, 16510, 16501, 15974, 16536, 16556)

Capture Control

  • implemented sorting engines in the Gang Control panel (US 7458)

  • implemented ability to reset session warnings (US 7456)

  • implemented "Closed GOP" option for MPEG-2 XDCAM EX 35 Mbit, MPEG-2 XDCAM HD and MPEG-2 XDCAM HD 50 4:2:2 encoders settings

  • increased accuracy of values of CPU meters when several engines are active (defect 12739)

  • fixed big delay when starting the job using Air Control secondary event (defect 15748, ticket PBJ-772-55441)

  • fixed issue with failure to start recording session when DNxHR and DNxHD encoders are mixed in one template

  • improved application of settings in the global Cinegy PCS template storage (defect 15445)

  • other bugfixes and improvements (defect 16502)

Capture Manager

  • fixed licensing for Desktop license mode (defect 16637, ticket CAP-251-15669)

  • some bugfixes and improvements (defect 16588)

Important Known Issues

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Currently, only NVIDIA-based accelerator is supported, other types might not work properly.

  • NVIDIA RTX and other Turing-generation GPU boards no longer support interlace H.264 encoding. This applies to all versions of any Cinegy software supporting GPU encoding and is a hardware limitation of the NVIDIA boards. Boards of Pascal and earlier generations are not affected. If using GPU-accelerated NVIDIA features, please be careful to match your settings to the capabilities of your board.

  • The DNxHR codec in UHD formats is not yet supported for MXF OpAtom containers.