Quick Start Guide

Cinegy Convert performs the entire export and import job process in multiple formats. This gives you the power of centralized management, storage, and processing while lowering the client hardware requirements.

The Cinegy Convert system structure is based on the following components:

  • Cinegy Process Coordination Service (PCS) – manages Cinegy Convert tasks.

  • Cinegy Convert Watch Service – monitors network shares and Cinegy Archive database job folders.

  • Cinegy Convert Monitor – monitors and manages tasks; allows manual tasks submission.

  • Cinegy Convert Agent Manager – tracks tasks and the agents processing them, as well as general system technical information.

  • Cinegy Convert Profile Editor – provides means for creating and adjusting target profiles.

  • Cinegy Convert Client – the new application which handles manual tasks submission to the PCS queue from media files.

    The Cinegy Convert Client is public beta. This software is provided "as is" without any implied guarantees or obligations. A new, final release will become available to replace the beta version.
For a simple demo, install all components on one machine.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Convert software up and running: