Quick Start Guide

Cinegy Convert performs the entire export and import job process in multiple formats. This gives you the power of centralized management, storage, and processing while lowering the client hardware requirements.

The Cinegy Convert system structure is based on the following components:

  • Cinegy Process Coordination Service
    This component provides centralized storage for all types of resources used in your media processing workflow and also acts as a central discovery service.

  • Cinegy Convert Agent Manager
    This component provides actual processing powers for Cinegy Convert. It launches and manages local agents to execute tasks from the Cinegy Process Coordination Service.

  • Cinegy Convert Watch Service
    This component is responsible for looking in configured file system directories and/or Cinegy Archive job drop targets and registering tasks inside the Cinegy Process Coordination Service for Cinegy Convert Agent Manager to pick up.

  • Cinegy Convert Monitor
    This application allows operators to watch what the Cinegy Convert estate is working on, as well as create jobs manually.

  • Cinegy Convert Profile Editor
    This utility provides the means for creating and adjusting target profiles that are used in Cinegy Convert for processing transcoding tasks.

  • Cinegy Convert Client
    This application provides a user-friendly mechanism for the manual submission of convert tasks. It allows the user to browse storages and devices for the media to be processed, review the actual media in the preview player, check item metadata with an option to modify it before importing, and submit the task for processing.

For a simple demo, install all components on one machine.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Convert software up and running: