An item can be locked in different ways:


If an item is marked with a blue lock, it has the read-only attributes. The read-only status is also displayed in the title bar of the item window.


The green lock means that the item is locked by the local user.


The red lock signals that the item is locked by another user. If a Roll is being ingested, a red lock is used to show this status. When ingest is done, the lock is removed automatically.

If an item is locked by another user, the name of this user is shown in the tooltip of the item.

The folder limits the rights on its content. Limitations are set in Cinegy Enterprise Manager. Refer to the Nodes Explorer article in the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual to find out how to set folder limitations.
The locked status is also displayed for bins. The icons display the locked status, and the tool tip provides information about the user who has locked the item.

Unlocking Items in the Tree


The items locked by the current user are shown with a green lock.

In some cases as the result of the operation failure or connection break, the items may remain locked.

You can unlock the item by using the "Unlock" command from the context menu or by right-clicking the item:

Refer to the Global Parameters and Settings article in the Cinegy Enterprise Manager Manual to learn how to enable automatic unlocking of the objects on the Cinegy Desktop startup.

Getting Quick Info on the Objects

Position the mouse pointer over the object. The explorer displays a tool tip containing basic information on the item.