Release Notes

Cinegy Desktop v.12 is the follower of Desktop 10 products family, but has a lot of improvements and enhancements comparing to the previous version. The new and modern Desktop UI is now built as 64-bit Windows application and allows real-time editing in UHD video formats (up to 2160p60). A brand new effect editor includes a video effect set, with keyframing and a real-time preview. That makes Desktop not just a video editor, but also a powerful real-time production and post-production tool. Unique render technology, based on a GPU hardware acceleration allows to create a real-time workflow without the intermediate rendering, even with using complex video effects and integrated CGs, in the mixed SD/HD/UHD environment.

The direct integration with the modern Cinegy products like Cinegy Capture and Cinegy Convert makes your ingest and import/export process very flexible and seamless.

Below you can find the specific details of the first major release of Desktop v12.

Cinegy Desktop 12

Cinegy Desktop Release: 12.0

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Database: 11.0

Release Date: July 9, 2018

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 11

Cinegy License Service upgrade is recommended. Please upgrade Cinegy License Service on your SQL Server and restart it to activate the license.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Desktop

  • Full UHD workflow support. Cinegy Desktop v12 now supports mixed editing of any TV formats, including video files up to UHD 3840x2160 p60.

  • New effect editor. Effect editor is the brand new tool, providing the list of new featured effects, with keyframing, easing and real-time preview. Wherever you are working - in the effect timeline, sequence viewer or in the effect box panel, you can directly adjust any effect’s parameters, and immediately see the result. As always, you do not need to render your production out, even if you have to go to air - it’s always ready to go!

  • New effects set. Cinegy Desktop v12 has a new re-worked effects set, including various color correctors, chroma keying, picture-in-picture and others. The unique GPU based render pipeline can guarantee that even complex UHD effects will be seamless rendered and played back on the fly, without pre-rendering.

  • Capture and Convert integration. Cinegy Desktop v12 has now a direct integration with Cinegy Convert v11 and CinegyCapture v11 - modern Cinegy ingest and import/export tools, supporting almost all industry used codecs and file formats. No need to wait before your media is captured or exported - just keep on doing your daily tasks.

  • introduced transparent and non-transparent video tracks in the timeline

  • added Effects for objects support from document bins

Cinegy News

  • implemented News Rundowns display as the tabs in News Program

  • added an option to create blocks from selection

  • implemented highlighting used stories in the Story Pool

  • introduced "Change to" command for text blocks

  • extended "Print" function

  • introduced various fixes and improvements

Cinegy Archive Browser

  • enhanced integration with the external NLEs.

  • Archive Browser now supports the full export/import cycle for the external projects like AAF, that allows creating closer workflow with the external NLEs.

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Once the database upgrade to version 11 is performed, make sure the stories created via Story Editor within Cinegy Desktop 10 version are converted to the new version as well. Otherwise, the previously created stories will not be correctly displayed and properly handled in Cinegy Studio.

  • The AVC HD imported media playback may freeze in some specific cases