Release Notes

The full Cinegy Desktop package components are:

Cinegy Desktop
This is a client application providing software logging, browsing and video editing as well as features for creating news Stories and writing scripts. It connects to Cinegy Archive servers to fulfill these tasks.

Media Logger
This component performs association of a Roll with a script in the RTF or TXT file format that simplifies the process of Roll logging and its filling with metadata.

Cinegy Archive Browser
A separate utility that provides access to Cinegy Archive databases and allows the user to transfer Cinegy objects directly from a Cinegy Archive database into Avid Media Composer projects via drag-and-drop.

Stability is a top priority for our products, and the Cinegy team is constantly in touch with our customers, collecting feedback on our products performance and promptly delivering improved and fixed versions, taking into account all the requests. This major release includes a cumulative bundle of fixes and improvements to ensure the most uninterrupted and stable operation.

Cinegy Desktop 22.11 Release

Cinegy Desktop Release: 22.11

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Archive Database: 15.0

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.4.56669.5273

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 15

Compatible with: Cinegy Air 21.9+

Compatible with: Cinegy Titler 21.9

Release Date: December 14, 2022

Before you start installation, it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Desktop and Cinegy Archive components as well as the Cinegy License Service that you may have on your machine.
To complete Cinegy Desktop installation, the OS reboot may be required.
Cinegy Desktop v22.11 does not require Cinegy Archive to be upgraded and is compatible with Cinegy Archive v15.
Please note, Cinegy Desktop v22.11 can render only Titler templates created in Cinegy Titler v21.9. does not support templates of later versions. Therefore, you need to have Cinegy Titler Editor v21.9 on your machine running Cinegy Desktop to be able to create or edit Titler templates in Cinegy Desktop.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Desktop

  • implemented the ability to synchronize the Sequence start timecode with the start OTC of an inserted clip (US 7282)

  • improved GPU codecs processing

  • improved Audio Recorder initialization process

  • updated Cinegy licensing service to support new software licenses

  • fixed unexpected application crash caused by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to work with Effect Editor (defect 15389)

  • fixed issue with retrieving data from some metadata fields by Metadata Manager (defect 15205, ticket MAM-684-48277)

  • fixed issue when in some cases master clip could be deleted even if it was used in a Sequence (defect 15338, ticket HGG-170-11393)

  • fixed issue with deleting or moving the system folders

  • fixed issue with highlighting search results (defect 15470, ticket TBL-282-73485)

  • fixed issue with export of Sequences containing non-text ASCII symbols in the name (defect 15837, ticket XNQ-946-30158)

  • fixed issue with cursor icon when hovering over an effect frame (defect 15887)

  • fixed issue with holding a new keyframe position after moving an effect frame in Sequence Viewer (defect 15888)

  • fixed error caused by exporting a 720p59.94 M2V media file to Avid Media Composer using XDCAM EX 35 or XDCAM HD 50 codec (defect 15629)

Story Editor

  • improved synchronization with Cinegy Studio when changing an author in the Rundown drop-down list (defect 15566)

  • fixed issue with copying and pasting text between Graphics block and other text blocks (defect 15461)

  • fixed issue with incorrect Story duration in some specific cases after changing an author in the Rundown drop-down list (defect 15602)

  • fixed printing Stories without Prompter blocks (defect 15902, ticketRRW-443-12516)

  • fixed issue with saving a Story author in some cases (defect 15966, ticket EQL-165-66693)

Import Tool

  • supported AC-3 decoder (US 7180)

  • supported Sony private label in PictureEssenceCoding by the "MXF Importer" plug-in (defect 15513, ticket RSZ-225-80273)

  • fixed issue with adding black frames to the end of material imported using the Sony XDCAM EX Disk Import tool (defect 15904, ticket ZMW-489-28801)

Effect Editor

  • improved color selection tool

Cinegy Archive Browser

  • fixed issue with incorrect length of fragments exported to Adobe Premiere in "AAF + MXF Op-Atom" mode (defect 15244, ticket JKE-228-52357)

  • fixed issue with playback of exported AAF files in Adobe Premiere (defect 15440, ticket ROQ-562-15388)

Cinegy Titler Editor

  • improved navigation within Cinegy Titler template (defect 15398)

  • fixed Cinegy Desktop crash when entering . or , symbol after three characters into an integer variable field of the Cinegy Titler template (defect 15379)

Cinegy Newswire

  • improved method for resizing the application window (defect 15423)