Manipulating Effect Parameters

Certain parameters of several effects can be adjusted directly from the clip or Sequence viewer screen. Double-clicking the image on the screen will activate effect parameters editing mode:


This mode provides basic tools for effect parameter manipulation, that are activated with the mouse pointer hovered over:


Dragging the image by its central point moves the effect application area around the viewer screen.

effect_parameter_resize_on_screen_horiz effect_parameter_resize_on_screen_vert effect_parameter_resize_on_screen_diag

Dragging the image edges using the double-arrow tools resizes the effect application area.

It is possible to quit this mode inside the viewer screen by double-clicking outside the editing area.

Manipulating Keyframes

An added keyframe can be handled from using the tools, that are activated with the mouse pointer hovered over:


Drag the keyframe to reposition it on the viewer screen.


Dragging the handles sets curves to define the keyframe transition pattern.

Handles adjustment is not topical for the linear interpolation method.

Motion Path

Having located all the required keyframes and their handles, if any, on the viewer screen and started the media file playback, you can track the current position of the effect application area by its central point on the graph: