Release Notes

Cinegy Desktop 14.1 Release

Cinegy Desktop Release: 14.1

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Database: 14.0

Release Date: June 11, 2019

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 14

Major Improvements

  • Cinegy Desktop

    • fixed the "*" wildcard processing for search queries

    • Unicode is supported in legacy EXIF/IPTC data

  • Cinegy Titler

    • fixed display of objects margins inside the group

    • fixed positioning of objects with zero opacity

    • fixed support of fonts with Condensed, Book, Medium and other extended styles

Cinegy Desktop 14 Release

Cinegy Desktop Release: 14.0

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Database: 14,0

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 14

Major Improvements

  • Cinegy Desktop

    • Cinegy Titler - new generation of the CG and channel branding tool, which is now directly integrated in Cinegy Desktop. The modern technology and hardware acceleration allow to use this new CG solution in any high-resolution environment (UHD and higher) in real time, even on the simple workstations. Import from the older CG format (like Cinegy Type) gives you a way to seamlessly and quickly migrate to Cinegy Titler and enjoy the new performance boost and modern UI of this CG component.

    • The real-time sequence performance - the whole rendering pipe has been dramatically improved by using the GPU acceleration in the most efficient way.

    • The clip viewer extension - various output targets are now supported, not only the full range of SDI boards (AJA, Blackmagic, Deltacast, DVS) but also the Cinegy Shared RAM output, making an easy integration with any Cinegy product.

    • Social networks integration - by using Cinegy Convert v12 you are now able to publish your content to the most popular social networks and channels like YouTube and Twitter (Facebook and Instagram are coming soon).

    • The Clip Viewer audio - explicit preview audio output device selection is added as well.

    • The subclip mode in the Roll Editor - the extension of clip editing tool, which gives the easier way to manage subclips and cuts of multiple clips within a single Roll.

    • Customizable safe area is implemented in Clip Viewer.

    • The ability to change In and Out points for master clips is added.

    • Uncompressed files are supported (by integration with Cinegy Capture v14).

  • Cinegy News

    • Cinegy Titler is supported as a graphics solution for both integrated and MOS-based News environment.

    • The spell checker component is re-worked and improved.