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Cinegy Cinescore is aimed at assessing user machine performance through scoring
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Monitoring streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources
Managing Cinegy Convert components interaction
IP streams control and management
Automatic system to support failover configuration in IP domains
A set of tools for collecting technical data about Cinegy installations
Automated traffic system for composing Cinegy Air playlists
Secure access to your Cinegy Archive database via browser-based interface

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Cinegy tools under open source license, that can be downloaded for free and unconditional use without even having to register.
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Virtualization and Cloud Provider Comparison

This post is a slightly amended version of the presentation that we gave at TechCon 2017. The intention of this post is to provide some general information about virtualization and the technologies involved, follow this with comparisons of the main software options and then finish up with cloud providers.

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