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Live stream mixer
Monitoring streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources
Managing Cinegy Convert components interaction
IP streams control and management
Automatic system to support failover configuration in IP domains
Automated traffic system for composing Cinegy Air playlists
Secure access to your Cinegy Archive database via browser-based interface

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Deltacast Cards

Unlike "older" Deltacast cards that have a fixed number of inputs and outputs (e.g. DELTA-hd-elp-d 60 (6-input, 2-output) or DELTA-hd-elp-d 80 (8-input, 0-output)) and are only 1.5G, there appeared new 3G Deltacast cards – the so-called "versatile", bidirectional cards (e.g. DELTA-3G-elp-d 8c). Such cards are recognized by letter "c" at the end of their names. These versatile cards should be pre-configured in bidirectional mode that allows you to define the desired combination of inputs-outputs. This can be performed via a free Deltacast application – dCARE, which can be downloaded from the official Deltacast website.

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