System Recommendations

Please follow the basic Microsoft hardware and software requirements to install and run SQL Server.

The hardware and OS recommendations depend on the predetermined availability requirements, installation size in terms of concurrent amount of users as well as the estimated database size based upon the number of assets managed.

Cinegy products work only on machines with CPU supporting minimum instruction set SSE4.1
These system recommendations use older hardware which has been previously tested. The CPU’s listed should be used as a guide to select modern equivalent options and not as direct requirements.
If needed, you can contact Cinegy Support for additional details on handling the installations that assume huge amount of concurrent SQL connections and simultaneous DB transactions (50–100 or more).
It is strongly recommended that you never use any 3d party tools to modify Cinegy Archive database. Any damage caused by such actions is not covered by official support policy. For database modifications it is recommended to use only Cinegy-provided tools or Cinegy-provided APIs.

Operating Systems Support

Cinegy Archive software runs on the following operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.

It is recommended to use server operating systems for productions, while non-server operating systems only for basic local installations or test purposes.

Operating system recommendation: Windows Server 2019.

We recommend updating Windows OS to include the latest Microsoft updates and hotfixes.

SQL Server Recommendations

Cinegy Archive requires one of the following SQL Server versions with their latest service packs to be installed (not included):

  • SQL Server 2019

  • SQL Server 2017

  • SQL Server 2016*

* Use of this version is permitted, but not recommended due to limited testing and support.

For basic installations and test purposes, you can use SQL Server Express with advanced services features that can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website.

Hardware and Disk I/O recommendations

It is always important to adhere to Microsoft’s best practices guidelines for SQL Server installations (available for free from the Microsoft website).

SQL Server Native Client

SQL Server Native Client is a data access library introduced in SQL Server 2005. In addition to exposing features of Windows (formerly Microsoft) Data Access Components (WDAC), SQL Server Native Client also implements many other features to expose SQL Server functionality such as database mirroring; multiple active result sets (MARS), query notifications, snapshot isolation, and XML data type support.

For more information, please read the following article or visit the Microsoft SQL Server website.