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Cinegy Cloud Broadcasting

Cinegy Cloud Broadcasting Gone are the days when cloud broadcasting was a mere concept. Today, it’s not about if it can be done, but what can be achieved through it. Cinegy is at the heart of this change, providing robust software solutions for cloud-based broadcasting. Our experience spans several years, supporting clients who manage everything from a few channels to entire workflows in the cloud. In this document, we’ll address common questions and share valuable insights we’ve gained, aiming to clarify and enhance the understanding of cloud broadcasting.

What's New in Cinegy Multiviewer 24

Introduction: Unveiling Cinegy Multiviewer v24.2 After nearly a year since our last major release, we are thrilled to unveil Cinegy Multiviewer v24.2, the culmination of months of hard work and dedication from our team. The journey to this milestone has been one filled with challenges and triumphs, particularly as Cinegy Multiviewer took on the role of early adopters for the new generation of our cornerstone internal libraries - Cinegy ML 9 and Cinecoder 4.

What's New in Cinegy Capture 24.1

Introduction Get ready for a dive into the latest enhancements with the release of Cinegy Capture v24.1! Crafting an article to showcase the advancements in a Cinegy product is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of pre-launch, and we’re thrilled to introduce the new features of the latest version of Cinegy Capture. This release is packed with improvements geared towards enhancing the convenience and usability of your experience with our product.

Cinegy Air 24.1 and Cinegy Title 24.1 – What's New

Introduction Hello and welcome to the latest releases of Cinegy Air v24.1 and Cinegy Title v24.1. It has been a year since the major release of Cinegy Air bundle; therefore, Cinegy Air 24.1 and Cinegy Title 24.1 bring together the accumulated improvements and features as a result of continual development and enhancements that make Cinegy Air increasingly attractive to large and small Broadcasters around the Globe. You will notice that the features are mainly driven by customer requests and required improvements.

Cinegy Air 22.12 and Cinegy Title 22.12 – What's New

Introduction Hello and welcome to the latest releases of Cinegy Air v22.12 and Cinegy Title v22.12. My name is Simon Pilbeam and I shall be taking over product manager duties for the Cinegy Air product from Lewis' capable hands. This is my first fully responsible release as the new Product Manager of Cinegy Air (I collaborated on the last Cinegy Air release) and it has been a steep learning curve.

What's New in Cinegy Route 22

Of all releases from this year, Cinegy Route, as one of smaller and less known products in Cinegy family, is in danger of being overshadowed by the likes of new Cinegy Air and Cinegy Multiviewer.

However, those of you, who did not miss this release, are up for a treat!

What's New in Cinegy Multiviewer 22

Introduction We wanted our previous Cinegy Multiviewer release out ASAP so much that we had almost no time to write a traditional "What’s New…" post. And finally, we are back with the new and shiny Cinegy Multiviewer 22.10 release! The previous release has had a fair number of bugfixes and improvements, some of which include introducing a fresh GUI look, supporting cinematic framerates and non-48 kHz audio feeds. Some of the updates, like significant GPU performance optimizations, have been announced quite a while ago and you have seen it at Cinegy TechCon, on our YouTube channel, or in Cinegy Multiviewer 21.

What's New in Cinegy Capture 21.11

Cinegy is happy to present the next major release of Cinegy Capture family – Cinegy Capture v21.11, featuring a bundle of new useful features as well as important fixes and enhancements. Remarkable New Features We are always excited to bring you some new features and improvements in new versions of Cinegy Capture, so we have a list of major changes in Cinegy Capture v21.11, which you can learn more about in the relevant sections below:

Cinegy Software Versioning

The version number scheme of Cinegy software products is used for system maintenance and to facilitate problem reporting and tracking. At TechCon 2021, as part of the general overview of upcoming changes, we announced our intentions to improve the experience of customers using our software and particularly managing their licenses.

Cinegy Air 21.9 - What's New

Introduction At the start of the year we released Cinegy Air 21.2, and now, as we near the close of the year, we add to that release with Cinegy Air 21.9. This marks the first major release since the adoption of the new year/month version numbering scheme – and as you can see from the slight misalignment, we are still getting used to what number to target as we cycle through a few release candidates.