Release Notes

The full Cinegy Route package components are:

  • Cinegy Route Browser
    This component automatically resolves video streams names registered by the Cinegy Route Directory Service to RTP/UDP/SRT URLs. Installation also enables browsing registered video streams and choosing them from the Cinegy Air control panel.

  • Cinegy Route Manager
    This component allows user to organize and set up physical sources and virtual destination groups used for managing and securing IP streams and channels registered by the Cinegy Route Directory Service.

  • Cinegy Route Control
    This component is used for switching sources of virtual destinations with the ability to preview the incoming video for each virtual destination in real time.

  • Cinegy Route Directory Service
    This component registers and maintains records of video streams and virtual destination mappings. The server running this service is used by all Route-aware client applications to exchange data.

  • Cinegy Route Directory Relay Service
    This component is used to track changes in the Cinegy Route Directory Service and send them to broadcast clients via multicast transmission. It is needed for larger-scale deployments only.

Cinegy Route 24 Release 1

Cinegy Route Release: 24.4 R1

Cinegy Route Build:

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 9.0.61110.3130

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Please note that before you start the installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Route components that you may have on your machine.

Major Features and Fixes

  • supported AMD GPU hardware decoding

  • upgraded .NET Framework to 4.8 (US 7527)

  • updated licensing toolkits (US 7535)

  • supported display of URLs for physical network sources in the Cinegy Route browser integrated into Cinegy products (US 7410)

  • added support for specifying IGMPv3 SSM URLs as valid physical network sources in Cinegy Route Manager (US 7380)

  • updated URL format for copying in the Cinegy Route Manager configurator, which now comprises the source IP address followed by the IP address of the multicast group, separated by @

  • implemented display of URLs in the browser of Cinegy Route components for physical network sources, showing the source IP address followed by the multicast group IP address, separated by @

  • fixed silent installation using the /q parameter in the Command Prompt for CinegyRouteSetup.exe installer (defect 16317, ticket PKQ-973-80456)

  • enhanced window resizing functionality in Cinegy Route Manager (defect 16415)

  • fixed issue where the checkbox was incorrectly placed within the "Source IP" box in Cinegy Route Manager (defect 16436)