NVIDIA Drivers installation

Cinegy products can leverage the capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs in your system to optimize performance by distributing certain processing tasks to the GPU. To ensure reliability and efficiency, it is essential to have the correct NVIDIA drivers installed on your system.

This article covers the various aspects of selecting, installing, or updating NVIDIA drivers and provides a detailed guide to help with the process.

Linear Acoustic UpMax Installation and Setup

The Linear Acoustic UpMax functionality in Cinegy Convert is provided by the third-party Linear Acoustics (LA) professional plugin and as such requires additional Licensing from Linear Acoustics (part of the Telos Alliance). There is an additional license cost incurred for permanent installations.

Cinegy Media Asset Management Service

The Cinegy Media Asset Management Service is a backend element that serves as a gateway for Cinegy products (such as Cinegy Convert, Cinegy Workspace, etc.) to access Cinegy MAM via the CAS (Cinegy Archive Service).

Use of LIBAV of FFMPEG in Cinegy Products

Cinegy is using the AC-3 portion of the LIBAV of FFMPEG as dynamic loaded plugin for optional AC-3 encoding.

To create this very limited Windows OS dynamic loading library executable binary of (currently) 716kB, all other features of FFMPEG / LIBAV are disabled.


Cinegy supports a number of IP video standards in our IP-enabled products. In order to access IP streams, an URL style string is used to describe them. Usually this URL is generated automatically, but sometimes for various reasons you may need to change this manually.

This document describes the URLs' format in more detail.

An IP video URL will always start with the type of stream you are expecting. Currently, rtp://, udp:// and srt:// are supported.

Cinegy Workspace Deployment

The newest version of Cinegy Workspace (and the new back-end service referred to as MAMS) supports a plug-in free browser experience and people working in more complex cloud-based / hosted scenarios.

This guide is designed to help customers to understand how they might take the collection of elements that make up Cinegy Workspace deployment and integrate it together with other freely available tools to create a centralized point of access that is easier to secure and expose to the Internet.

Upgrading USB Dongle License Keys

Cinegy License Viewer is a tool for viewing licenses available on your Cinegy dongle, as well as for generating remote upgrade requests. Such upgrades are required for all USB dongles for all Cinegy products needing a USB license key.

This article describes the process of upgrading the currently used USB dongles to be compatible with the latest version of Cinegy software.

Loudness Plugin License Installation and Setup

The Loudness Control in Cinegy Playout is now provided by a third-party Linear Acoustics (LA) professional plugin and as such requires additional Licensing from Linear Acoustics (part of the Telos Alliance). There is an additional License cost incurred for permanent installations. Previous versions of Loudness control are no longer supported.

Cinegy Network Utilities

Cinegy provides the following network utilities:

The Cinegy Network Utilities can be downloaded from both Cinegy User Portal and Cinegy Partner Portal. To start using the utilities you should unzip the downloaded package to any folder on a local drive.

Cinegy TCP / UDP / Web Service Port Usage List

Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and SCTP.