Cinegy TCP / UDP / Web Service Port Usage List

Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and SCTP.

Cinegy Software Licensing Overview

This article provides the overview of procedures for activating, re-activating, removing and activating software licenses on another host.

Using and Troubleshooting Cinegy License Manager

This article provides details on how to use Cinegy License Manager as well as troubleshooting failure scenarios.

Loudness Plugin License Installation and Setup

The Loudness Control in Cinegy Playout is now provided by a third party Linear Acoustics (LA) professional plugin and as such requires additional Licensing from Linear Acoustics (part of the Telos Alliance). There is an additional License cost incurred for permanent installations. Previous versions of Loudness control are no longer supported.

Logging Template

The logging templates are used in the Cinegy Desktop logging window to provide a customized look and feel for the logging interface.

Cinegy and MPEG

A detailed description of Cinegy Cinecoder MPEG-2 and MP4 profiles as well as details on a wide range of settings for the output MPEG stream are given in this article.

Cinegy Type RSS Controller Sample

The Cinegy Type RSS Controller sample is implemented as a console application that reads RSS data from the specified URL and posts updates to defined Cinegy Type variables.

Microsoft Indexing Service

Cinegy Desktop supports searching for the documents by a word or phrase from the text in them. The text search requires Microsoft Indexing Service properly installed and set up.

Openfire Server

To use Cinegy Messenger, Openfire – a real-time collaboration Open Source server – installation is required.

XML Playlist Format

Cinegy Air playlist is a text-based XML file that contains information about each item inserted into it. The XML playlist format uses a simple and flexible item structure.