XML Playlist Format

Cinegy Air playlist is a text-based XML file that contains information about each item inserted into it. The XML playlist format uses a simple and flexible item structure.

Cinegy Air – Subtitle Integration

Cinegy Air supports a subtitle integration mechanism the essense of which is disclosed in this article.


Log2Console is a development utility which provides an easy-to-use UI allowing to filter and search for log messages from the following logging services: Log4Net, Log4j and NLog. It can directly receive log events locally or remotely, or read them from a log file.

Upgrading USB Dongle License Keys

Cinegy License Viewer is a tool for viewing licenses available on your Cinegy dongle, as well as for generating remote upgrade requests. Such upgrades are required for all USB dongles for all Cinegy products needing a USB license key.

This article describes the process of upgrading the currently used USB dongles to be compatible with the latest version of Cinegy software.

Cinegy MOS Gateway

Cinegy MOS Gateway is a tool for third party MOS-based newsroom control systems integration. Cinegy MOS Gateway supports the standard MOS protocol enabling efficient and fast integration with news products such as ENPS, iNews, or Octopus.


Automatic macros substitution feature may be very handy, for example, when creating multiple files via Cinegy Convert or Cinegy Capture. Naming such files in an automated manner helps to avoid file name conflicts and maintain the logical structure of the storage. This article explains how to use different macros and where they are applicable.

XML Converter

XML Converter is provided for connecting 3rd party systems, or for use in extracting arbitrary metadata from inbound source files.